1. New boathouse tenants and new annual moorage tenants shall pass security screening criteria prior to an initial lease agreement being authorized.
  1. New Marina tenants will provide proof of the following before lease agreement being authorized:
    1. Boathouse and/or watercraft ownership
    2. Boathouse and/or watercraft insurance
    3. Current watercraft registration
  1. When a boathouse or watercraft enters the Marina, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the Port and shall be berthed or anchored only where authorized. Boathouses and/or watercraft not marked or identified as required by law will not be permitted within the Marina.
  1. Annually:
    1. Marina tenants will provide a current copy of boathouse and/or watercraft liability insurance with minimum limits as determined by the Port Commission.
    2. Pollution Liability Insurance with minimum limits as determined by the Port Commission.
    3. Current watercraft registration.
  1. All new boathouses and watercraft to be placed by lessees in rented spaces or slips must be approved by the Port before being moored. The boathouses must be of a dimension, size, design, and color satisfactory to the Port.
  1. No alteration of slip size, boathouse space or any Port owned components will be permitted without Port approval.
  1. Tenants are strictly prohibited from adding moorage cleats or tie-ups to the docks in the open moorage areas. All such cleats shall be owned, installed and maintained by the Port.
  1. Tenants shall not install or construct any lockers, chests, cabinets, steps, ramps, or similar structure on Port owned facilities except upon authorization by the Port.
  1. Watercraft may not be moored to, outside of, or off, the space let to boathouse lessee by the Port, without express written permission of the Port.
  1. Boathouses and watercraft shall be in seaworthy condition and not constitute a safety, fire or health hazard or they shall be removed from the Marina at the owner’s expense.
  1. All boathouses shall maintain a minimum of 12” of freeboard on a uniform manner.
  1. The Port has the right to require inspection of any boathouse and/or watercraft in the Marina to ensure seaworthiness and adherence to safety, fire, and health requirements, at the owner’s expense.
  1. In case of an emergency requiring immediate action and/or repairs to lessee’s boathouse or watercraft, to protect Port’s property or the property of other Port lessees, the Port shall have the right to perform said emergency actions and/or repairs and charge all costs to lessee.
  1. All boathouse and/or watercraft shall be moored to the Port’s dock in a secure manner. This system must protect the Port’s dock system and surrounding boathouses and/or watercraft.  Connections shall provide a minimum 6” clearance between the Port owned dock and the lessee’s boathouse to allow space for maintenance work on the docks and utilities.  This space can be left open or provide a hinged, removable cover that will provide the required clearance.  All mooring connection and revision to existing systems must have prior Port approval.
  1. Watercraft within the Marina must be operated at a speed so as not to create a wake.
  1. Watercraft in the Marina shall be operated according to United States Coast Guard Rules and Regulations.
  1. Watercraft engine and bilge maintenance will comply with the following:
    1. Always use absorbent bilge pads or socks to soak up oil and fuel.
    2. Recycle and/or dispose of petroleum products property. DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANY FUELS OR USED OIL in the Marina dumpsters.
    3. Oil filters are to be thoroughly drained and disposed of properly.
    4. DO NO DISCHARGE BILGE WATER if there is a sheen to it.
  1. Boathouses and watercraft MAY NOT be used as principal residences; as defined by ORS 09.100 and further defined by ORS 830.700. Overnight stays are limited as follows:
    1. September 1 – May 30: No more than 20 stays in a one month period, not more than 20 consecutive overnight stays at any one time.
    2. June 1 – August 31: No more than 45 consecutive overnight stays at any one time.
  1. A Tenant’s guest is the full responsibility of the host tenant. The host shall meet all guests at the locked gate to let them in.  A tenant may not open the locked gate for another tenant’s guest.  Tenants shall accompany guests at all times.
  1. Disorderly conduct or the violation of Oregon laws by lessee, his/her guests or invitees shall be cause for their immediate removal from the Marina and termination of their lease.
  1. As defined by City of The Dalles General Ordinance 93-1175:
    1. Tenants shall not create or assist in creating or permit the continuance of unreasonable noise.
    2. Using or operating sound-amplifying devices (radio, stereo, loudspeakers, etc.) are prohibited between the hours of 11:00PM and 7:00AM.
    3. Construction activities are prohibited between the hours of 8:00PM and 7:00AM
  1. Sanitary facilities or any hazardous materials will not be discharged into the Marina. It is illegal to discharge gray water into Oregon waterways.  Boathouses with functioning kitchen and/or bathroom facilities are required to hook-up to the Port’s sewer system.  Watercraft are required to store sewage in holding tanks and dispose of property at the pump-out station.  Watercraft are prohibited from discharging any municipal solid waste while moored in the Marina.
  2. Garbage, recycling and refuse generated in the Marina shall be deposited in containers supplied for the purpose by the Port.
  1. Boathouse clean-up and other construction debris SHALL NOT BE PLACED in the Marina garbage and recycling containers.
  1. All pets in the Marina are required to be on a leash at all times while on Port owned docks. Pet owners shall immediately cleanup and dispose of all animal waste to proper disposal containers.  Placing this material in the waters of the State of Oregon is prohibited.  Tenants and/or their guests violating this rule will not be allowed to bring pets into the Marina for the balance of their lease term and could lose their lease.
  1. All persons under the age of twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult, regardless of whether such persons are identified as a family member of or guest of a Tenant.
  1. All persons under twelve (12) years of age must wear a life jacket at all times while in the Marina.
  1. All fireworks, including sparklers, are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from use in any area of the Marina.
  1. SWIMMING IS PROHIBITED in all areas of the Marina.
  1. No fishing will be permitted in a manner endangering individuals or impeding the movement of watercraft within the Marina.
  1. Tenants shall park vehicles in the parking lot adjacent to and serving the Marina and comply with the parking lot rules as stated on parking lot signage.
  1. The Port must give prior approval for any alterations, construction or remodel of boathouses or watercraft moored in leased spaces in the Marina. The following, although not inclusive, are examples of guidelines regarding projects in the Marina:
    1. Use biodegradable, non-toxic phosphate free cleaners.
    2. Use tarps to capture all scrapings, debris and drips or use a vacuum sander. IF debris falls into the Marina, the tenant is responsible for immediate cleanup of debris.
    3. It is prohibited to do any in-water scraping or any process that occurs underwater which removed paint.
    4. Limit the amount of open solvents/paints on dock to one gallon or less.
    5. Always mix paints/epoxy over a tarp.
    6. Always use a drip pan and/or drop cloth when painting.
    7. Spray painting is not allowed within the Marina.
    8. Do not dispose of paints/solvents in Marina’s garbage dumpster.
  1. Effective August 13, 2008 wood-burning stoves, wood-burning fire places and all open burning is prohibited in the Marina.
  1. Boathouses are required to be regularly maintained and repaired so that the outward appearance and structural condition of all boathouses are of a first-rate, top quality condition. The following conditions, although not meant to be totally inclusive, are illustrative of violations within the meaning of this rule:
    1. Paint on boathouse siding, decking, window sills, doors, roofs, etc., exhibiting a cracking or peeling condition.
    2. Roof on the boathouse not securely affixed to the boathouse structure.
    3. Absence of siding on boathouse frame including sides, front (that portion most immediately adjacent to and secured to the Port dock system) and gables when the design of the boathouse structure would be aesthetically enhanced by the addition of siding (in this latter regards, as in all of the Marina rules and regulations, e.g., rule 34 here, the Port Commission is final arbitrator over what constitutes “aesthetic enhancement”).
    4. Rain gutters and other designed parts of the boathouse which are not securely affixed and functioning.
  1. Debris, materials or accessories shall not be stored or otherwise allowed to accumulate outside boathouses, whether on or off the space let to the boathouse lessee. Supplies shall not be stored outside boathouses, whether on or off the space let to the boathouse lessee unless same are stored in a neat and orderly fashion.
  1. The Marina is not responsible for any loss or damage to boathouse or watercraft in the Marina. Each owner will be held responsible for damage which he may cause to other boathouses or watercraft in the Marina or for damage to any Port structure.  Any boathouse or watercraft that sinks in the Marina shall be removed by the owner at his expense.
  1. All Marina Rules and Regulations are enacted, reviewed, and revised from time to time by the Port of The Dalles Commission. The Marina Rules and Regulations have been expressly adopted:
    1. To provide for the orderly and safe use by the public of the Marina and the parking areas and other Port property adjacent to it;
    2. To provide for the maintenance and improvement of the visual and aesthetic appearance of the Marina and surrounding Port properties near it (including boathouses and watercraft moored in it);
    3. To provide for the protection of the Port’s improvements and properties within the Marina and on Port properties nearby;
    4. To provide and protect the general use and enjoyment of the space and slip rentals within the Marina for the benefit of Port Marina tenants and/or lessees within the Marina; and
    5. To provide for the benefit of the public, regarding safety, health, and welfare within the Marina and on the Port’s properties nearby.
  1. In construing the meaning of any of the Marina Rules and Regulations herein, or of any clause, phrase, provision or portion thereof, the lessee or tenants within the Marina, and the general public using same, are bound by the final determination of the Port of The Dalles Commission regarding any such construction, interpretation or meaning.
  1. Whenever reasonable practicable, updates and revisions of these Marina Rules and Regulations, which may be revised from time to time by the Port Commission, shall be delivered or mailed to the tenants and/or lessees within the Marina.